Our People

Clevedon Pony Club is run by volunteers who work hard to make our club both fun and successful.  All parents are automatically on our committee and therefore involved in running the club.

Our committee roles:

 President  Alison Fromont
 Vice President  Jodie Newington
 Secretary & Membership  Sandra Nelson
 Treasurer  Phoebe Taylor
 Kitchen & Rally Coordinator  Pene Gross
 Events and Grounds  Kate Keane
 Health & Safety  Gavin & Lauresa Miller
 Fundraising  Davin Tornquist
 Media  Phoebe Brown

Committee Expense form - please complete and email to treasurer prior to next meeting

Our club is fortunate to have wonderful instructors, who are coordinated each week by our Coaching Coordinator, Kerry Currie.  Kerry also ensures our members receive horse management instruction, and keeps track of their progress via record cards.

Who's Who
Here are photos of our committee members.  Some of them are still working on their selfies, so we'll upload pics once they come to hand.