Helping Out

While we appreciate that we all lead busy lives, a committee of volunteers runs the club and we need every member’s help to function effectively and fairly.

You can assist at weekly rallies by volunteering for specific roles and helping set up and put away equipment.  We ask that each rider's parents/caregivers assist with any jobs that need to be done.

In addition to help at weekly rallies, we expect all members to share the load of setting up and running our fundraising events. 

We run a profitable canteen which provides food* for every rally and competition. We rely on parent help to run this throughout the season. 

* For ease of payment, each family is issued a canteen card which they can credit with cash at the start of the season. Cards must be kept in credit over the season.

At some other pony clubs, members are charged if they do not help. At Clevedon we do not expect to ever have to do this. We have always been a very positive club, and parents realise that they do this extra work for the benefit of their children.   Help can be provided in a variety of ways - see a committee member if you're not sure.  All members who contribute fairly to the running of the club will be welcomed back the following year!

Fundraising Events

We hold a number of fundraising events during the season to help fund our coaching. These events are designed so your children can compete in them. We are always looking for new sponsorship and any advertising/marketing skills you can offer would be appreciated.  Our main events this season are:

  • Open Ribbon Day. This is always held on Labour Day.  Set up for this is done during the rally on the Saturday before and we ask that you help with various tasks on the day, which include entries, stewarding and food.
  • Open cross-country practices are held throughout summer during the late afternoon/early evenings.  We need help to set up, a couple of stewards, kitchen help and a first aider.
  • Devonshire Teas in November at Clevedon A&P Show.
  • One Day Event – held on a Saturday in February instead of rally. This is our biggest event and we requires a huge amount of help both on the day and the week before. Parent help for this event is compulsory.